Here are some pictures about IDBE 2016:

A view from the back of the room towards the stage during one of the workshop sessions. CART is being shown on a TV in the bottom left of the picture. — at Rosen Plaza.


Another view from the back of the room towards the stage from a different angle. — at Rosen Plaza.


About 20 people dancing and socializing after the Closing Ceremony at IDBE 2016 — at Rosen Plaza.


Bapin, Ryan, and Chris posing for a picture after the Closing Ceremonies at IDBE 2016 — at Rosen Plaza.


Shannon and Bapin posing with the IDBE 2016 sign showing all of our sponsors. — at Rosen Plaza.


Bapin is on stage presenting with Keri standing next to him providing ProTactile and Albert is in the foreground providing interpretation. — at Rosen Plaza.


A view from the back of the room during the Gala Dinner — at Rosen Plaza.


A group of interpreters and SSPs pose with Bapin and Shannon — at Rosen Plaza.


The first ever International Deaf Blind Expo at Las Vegas was held on Wednesday, July 30-Sunday, August 3, 2014 at the Riviera Casino & Hotel. The response was overwhelming and close to 600 people from all over the world attended. Many of them left some wonderful messages on Facebook as we didn’t have a dedicated website back then. Here are some responses… If you have attended the First Expo, you can write to us about your experience ( with photos if you want to ) and we would be happy to publish them here! 

I was there. A lot of good information and people from over the world. It was an awesome event!
-Angela Palmer

As an ASL student working on interning and transfering to the Troy University Online Interpreters program soon….WHAT AN INSPIRATION! I pray to be as good as these amazing interpreters one day!
Still amazed at the photos and video’s of this event….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE host this again next year!
-Chelsea Sonia Felix‎

I first was exposed to Pro Tactile and Signing Support Provider (SSP) at the International Deaf Blind Conference in Las Vegas! When I first saw this person (SSP) doing strange “tickling” hand movements on the back of a deaf blind person I told them off! I told her, “stop doing that, it’s rude, she is talking with someone!” Obviously, the SSP relayed to the deaf blind person what I said to her because the deaf blind person turn around and told me what she was doing and she was SSP I was so humiliated! I never felt so IGNORANT! Part of me wanted to tell that SSP, “you tattle tale” but I know if I did say that it will be relayed again and I would look just as dumb! LOL! it was an epiphany and I was in awe of the purest communication that was SO functional equivalent to provide this communication access for people who are deaf blind. I spent the rest of the day as a spectator, marveled at the role of SSP, learning and drawing pieces of what was being conveyed. Still today I am in AWE! I shared this experience with my company, Braille CapTel Service, who also was at the International Deaf Blind Conference. They wanted to see it in action and they too, were in awe. They want me to take a course on how to become and SSP so please share with me how I can sign up! Thank you!
-John Kinstler


A visual description of this precious moment, depicted in the accompanying photo: During the dance party Saturday night, Bryen Yuko Yunashko, dressed in a black Elvis Presley costume adorned with gold and red studs and a black wig with sideburns, leans over to chat with IDBE participant Margaret Reis, who sits in a wheelchair and is accompanied by her SSP to her left. Katey Bartie stands beside Bryen dressed in a white Marilyn Monroe costume and short, curly, blonde wig, while giving PT signals to Bryen

– Shared by ‎Clennie Webster‎ 



I took this photo at a German restaurant in Las Vegas named the Hofbrauhaus. Steven Frank and I went there by ourselves but were pleased to find a group of Deaf-Blind and SSPs from the Expo there already, and we joined their table in the beer hall. This restaurant has live entertainment including musicians who play a very long Bavarian horn. I think it is called an Alphorn. Toward the end of our dinner one of the musicians brought the long horn to our table and demonstrated playing it. This photo shows the musician in the foreground blowing the horn and in the middle is Steven Frank touching the horn to feel the vibrations, and in the background others from the table are doing the same. Steven is smiling.

– Shared by Ed Knight

Just wanted to say it was such a pleasure to meet many of you at the expo. I’m so grateful for this experience. I look forward to the next expo!

-Lisa Gold

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